Art of Nekrokat

illustrator & character designer

I'm Kat, a digital artist from Hungary.
I make character art - illustration and design! My favourite things to draw are women, cute and creepy creatures. I adore using magical, enchanted elements on my pieces.

Commissions: CLOSED

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Current status: CLOSED

Once my commissions are open, you'll be able to fill out the form!

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Submit your inquiry or questions here, and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Feel free to message me if you have questions regarding commissions, collaboration, or art in general.

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How should I call you?
I prefer Kat over Nekro, Nekrokat is an old username and I don’t really have any idea about a new one. My real name is Kata Baranyai. Pronouns are she/her

What languages do you speak?
I'm native Hungarian, and I speak English. I'm better in writing than speaking. I understand a bit of German too.

Do you take requests? How about art trades?
Sometimes, when I have some freetime, I do giveaways mainly on my Discord and Twitter, or do requests. Art trades are for mutuals only. If I'm willing to do either of them, I will share a post on Twitter.

Can I use your drawings for tattoos?
Please before heading to the salon, contact me first. You can't tattoo commissioned artworks (other people's characters) on you without my and their permission.

What tablet, software, tool do you use?
> Wacom Cintiq 13" HD screen tablet
> iPad 2018 6th Generation with Apple Pencil 1.
I use Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop on PC, Procreate on the iPad.

Where can I buy your merch?
My shop is currently inactive. You can buy stuff from my Redbubble!

When are you streaming?
My schedule is not set up yet since I'm a rookie streamer, quite chaotic at that. But here is the link for my Twitch :)

How often do you upload videos to YouTube?
My skills in video editing are very limited xD so I'm not really active on YouTube now. You can find short videos on my Tiktok

Why does it take more time to create a commissioned piece?
It's usually because my queue is long. I always draw when I'm able, it's my passion and job, I do everything to create quality artworks as quickly as possible, but I am just one person. The usual wait time is 2 weeks / 2 months, I complete drawings within a week after starting. This may vary depending on your spot in my queue and your commission type.

When will you be open for commissions?
Look for the announcement on Twitter and check out the main menu of this site for more information! My carrd and twitter bio always has the latest status written in. You can also join to my Discord where I ping @everyone upon openings, and you can get custom passive roles for different offers.

How much is a commission?
Check out the pricing on the Commission Info page :)

How can I pay for your art?
Smaller commissions can be paid via Ko-Fi, big ones can be paid via PayPal Invoice. My payments are upfront, but I only ask for payment before starting your piece. If my queue is long, it can take some time.
Above $200, we can set up payment plans too.

Do you do LGBTQA+ friendly art aswell?
Yes I do. Me and my art is open and safe for every member of the queer community.